Permalink 😂😂😂😂
Permalink Hundreds gear on. Come visit me at work today, Zumiez in Sangertown at 5. I’ll help ya get some crazy gear.
Permalink Baby yayo
Permalink This nigga tryna fuck me
Permalink Mama always making me take pictures
Permalink Love you bro, always been a model and inspiration to me. Sad that you’re back over seas and I never know when you’ll be back. Could be two months could be another two years. Hope everything goes great though and I cherish every moment we spend together.
Permalink Me and cristian dead. I have no idea why the photo came out like this.
Permalink Bye long beard.
Permalink Bored someone hmu
Permalink Old I look like a bitch.
Permalink Need this set up. Carbon fiber trunk and black lines lights.
Permalink I8 on Zitos 😍
Permalink Selling my Supreme S/S Champion Hockey Jersey. Large new with all tags. $350. Shipping is $20. #Supreme