Permalink When someone is moving the hookah hose around and you think they’re handing it to you but they’re really not.
Permalink #UglySelfie
Permalink Ayyyeeee. #Sushi
Permalink Word.
Permalink Omg Lmfao
Permalink Ayyyye M5
Permalink Quit smoking weed today, I get sleepy, waste money, get fat cause I’m always having the munchies, always low key paranoid and overall just get super lazy. Then again I love the high, lets see how this goes.
Permalink Time to bang out this paper.
Permalink Ayyyeeee so it’s 4/20 tomorrow… Lmao walkin in like this
Permalink Ugh so gorgeous. Was really close to buying it from NY from someone last summer for 7k.. wish the timing was off.. I still want this beauty.
Permalink This is a horrible photo but I love you bro deadass you’re like a brother to me man. You know I’d do anything for ya. Goodluck on everything man have a safe trip and be safe down there. @daddyangel52
Permalink Haha mad old, our senior year in highschool! Good times. @papii_the_tank
Permalink Can I just have a Rick Ross beard
Permalink Spotted M3 Convertible! Don’t mind the random ten dollars lol
Permalink Spotted Z4!