Permalink So one of my closest friends is leaving tomorrow and I’m super upset, but you’ll be off in FL than this shit hole. One of my realest friends Deadass. Love you and hope everything’s great down there for ya!❤❤
Permalink Been contemplating the septum and verticle labret lately.
Permalink I love lurking, this my nigga tho od.
Permalink Hi Kilo
Permalink My baby lurking
Permalink Magical black book.
Permalink 4:52AM. Pasta eat that for lunch nigga.
Permalink Long day, long night.
Permalink Come visit me at work I’ll help you grab some sick gear. Zumiez in Sangertown. Going in at 5.
Permalink 😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭 ///M5
Permalink Scruffy
Permalink Compton a nigga gotta scream that shit, never went commericial never TV screened that shit.
Permalink Schleep
Permalink I love Christine
Permalink 😂😂😂😂